Bubble Wrap® Brand Recycled Grade Cushioning


Sealed Air’s Bubble Wrap® brand now offers recycled grade cushioning with a minimum of 50 percent pre-consumer recycled content, the highest recycled content minimum for air cellular cushioning on the market. The material incorporates a high-level of pre-consumer recycled content with the patented Barrier Bubble® technology of Bubble Wrap® brand products, so the cushioning retains air longer, providing superior protection and promoting reusability of the packaging material.
“In order to help our customers meet the demands of the market, we have developed an environmentally and economically sensible Bubble Wrap® brand recycled grade cushioning,” said William V. Hickey, president and chief executive officer of Sealed Air. “This is in line with our goal of striving to help open the world culturally and economically, and to do so in ways that reduce costs and harm to the environment.”

Bubble Wrap® brand recycled grade cushioning is available in small and large bubble heights of three-sixteenths inches and one-half inches. No additional color additives or dyes are used for the material, so tints will vary based on available recycled resin color.

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