Building Native Apps for iOS, Android & More


MobileTogether Version 3.0 is a cross-platform mobile development framework for building native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and other devices.


Version 3.0 ships with an impressive array of new functionality, from developer-requested features such as barcode scanning and automated testing support, to flexibility improvements in the form of multi-level stylesheets and print-to-file functionality, all of which will give MobileTogether developers the edge they need to build sophisticated apps faster than is possible with other solutions.


MobileTogether delivers the two most important keys to the mobile development kingdom: time and sophistication.


New features include:

  • Support for scanning barcodes – MobileTogether now lets developers build apps that include barcode scanning, with support for the most popular linear and 2D barcode standards. This immediately makes MobileTogether apps even more useful in a variety of vertical industries.
  • Multi-level style sheets – these make it easy to define global styles that can be applied at the project, page, table and control level of the app design. This provides unmatched flexibility for easily customizing the look and feel of apps across all platforms.
  • Automated testing facility – in addition to the built-in Simulator for testing on all platforms, MobileTogether now also includes a full-blown automated app testing facility. This allows developers to record a sequence of user actions, save the sequence in a file, and replay saved user action sets later when the app is modified. Testing is supported on both the MobileTogether Designer and directly on mobile devices.
  • Print to PDF, Word, or RTF from client – generating a document or report based on user data - directly from a mobile app - is now possible in MobileTogether 3.0. This support is enabled through synergy with Altova StyleVision for designing multichannel reports and StyleVision Server for generating them on the fly based on end user data.
  • Open files on client – developers can give end users the ability to open files such as PDFs, image files, text files etc. that are stored on the client device from within an app.
  • Speed increase on Windows devices– apps being used on Windows Phone and Windows 8 or 10 can now render pages up to five times* faster.
  • Re-written browser client - in addition to native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8/10, MobileTogether generates an HTML5 browser-based client for devices running any other operating system. For Version 3.0, we have completely re-written the MobileTogether browser client to deliver higher performance.


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