Bulk Bag Conditioning System - Material Transfer & Storage Inc


Material Transfer's new conditioning system aims to eliminate the dangers of "forklift conditioning" by incorporating extended travel, hydraulically actuated pivoting conditioning arms fitted with "v-shaped" tubular breaker profiles to efficiently return even the most severely agglomerated materials to a free-flowing state.  

The Material Master Bulk Bag Conditioning System features large, color touchscreen operator interfaces that allow easy access to proprietary bulk bag and material conditioning parameters, full recipe management functions, system status, and manual mode controls.

The unit features an ultra-compact footprint and full machine guarding for operator safety including load side light curtain.

A powered rotary lift table positions the bulk bag for complete material conditioning on all sides, as well as the top and bottom.


  • Hydraulically actuated pivoting conditioning arms
  • Touchscreen Operator Interface
  • Load Side Light Curtain
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