Bulk Discharger Gives Accuracy and Control


The MATERIAL MASTER BULK BAG DISCHARGING SYSTEM with scale system and flexible screw conveyor provides for an efficient, controlled discharge of materials through a loss-in-weight operation into customer’s existing process. Unit features a scale system and a summing box which communicates with the flexible screw conveyor to provide for an accurate discharge of material into their process. Systems are custom designed for each specific application. Unit utilizes a hoist and trolley system which safely and efficiently loads customer’s bulk bags into the Material Master system. Units are completely modular and designed to accept Material Transfer’s exclusive features for future improvements and flexibility.


  • Modular, 4 in. square x ¼ in. wall structural tube main frame with continuous welds.
  • 2-ton Harrington electric chain hoist with motorized trolley, monorail system with end stops, and our exclusive Spider-Lift bulk bag lifting frame.
  • Flo-Master bag massaging system with tubular frames break up clumps, and promote material flow.
  • Unit includes a custom bag massaging safety guarding system which protects operators from possible pinch point locations.
  • Unit includes our exclusive 304 stainless steel/UHMW Flo-Lock discharge gate for partial bag discharge.
  • Seal-Master spout access chamber with gull wing doors for full operator access.
  • Unit includes a custom dust containment and dust take-off system to connect to existing plant dust collection.
  • Stainless steel Sure-Seal pneumatic spout clamping system seals bag discharge spout to outlet transition for dust-tight discharge.
  • System includes a flexible helix conveyor with 304 stainless steel inlet transition, and a 92 in. discharge height.
  • Loss-in-weight scale system with digital weight indicator controls screw conveyor utilizing a VFD to control the rate of discharge in order to reach an operator designated weight.
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