C 304 S


C 304 S is a shielded 300V communication and control cable with UL & CSA CMG and AWM approvals. It has very good flame resistance, passing FT4. It is ideal for EIA RS-232* applications and most other signal, audio, control, and broadcast applications that require a shielded cable.Recommended Applications: RS-232; data buses; process control instrumentation; low-voltage signaling and interconnect; broadcast Application Advantages: •Extended temperature range of -20°C to 105°C •Excellent flame resistance (FT4) •Sequential foot marking for ease of installation •Shielded for EMI & RFI protection 


Minimum Bend Radius: 7.5 x cable diameter Temperature Range:- SR-PVC: -20°C to +105°C- PE: -20°C to +75°C Nominal Voltage: 300VTest Voltage: 1500VConductor Stranding: Fine wire Approvals: UL: CMG per UL 444AWM 2464Attributes: NFPA 79 2012NEC: Meets NEC Art. 800Canada: CSA CMG FT4CSA AWM I/II A/B FT1Additional: RoHS
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