C-Series Solid-State High-Bay Luminaire Breaks the $50 per Kilo-Lumen Price Barrier at 79 Lumens per Watt


Albeo Technologies, a leading Solid-State Lighting (SSL) manufacturer, announces a breakthrough in white-LED lighting technology.  Albeo’s C-Series High-Bay has surpassed the next critical step in price and performance for large scale industrial-commercial deployment.  ITL Laboratory independently verified to LM-79 standards Albeo’s HB-B644-011C0-R5 performance: 25,650 lumens with an efficacy of 78.8 lm/W and power factor of 0.99 at 5000K CCT.  The C-Series High-Bay has won both the DOE’s 2008 NGL “market ready” award and Colorado’s “2008 Sustainable Medal of Honor” award.   Priced at better than $50 per kilo-lumen in quantities of 250 units or greater, the combined energy and maintenance savings enable customers to achieve pay-back in 1 to 3 years. 
The C-Series white-LED general lighting platform is available in linear, dual linear, low bay, and high-bay configurations.  Options include motion sensors, focusing and “batwing”optics, 120/240/270 VAC inputs, and 3K/4K/5K/6K color temperatures with CRIs ranging from 75 to 92.  Applications include warehouses, garages, schools, manufacturing facilities, big-box retail outlets, cold-storage facilities, and other general lighting.  Detailed specifications and IES files can be obtained at http://www.albeotech.com/products.html .   
Built for reliability and lifetime, the C-Series High-Bay, combines toroidal transformers (the most reliable power conversion technology) with Albeo’s TEMPR™ thermal management system to minimize LED junction temperature and maximize lifetime, light output and efficiency.  “Our best-in-class thermal, mechanical, electrical, and optical designs allow us to deliver well over 25,000 lumens with an efficacy of nearly 80 lm/W,” says Paul Winker, Product Line Manager, Albeo Technologies.   “Putting fluorescent or high intensity discharge bulbs in hard to reach places is unproductive now that our LED High-Bay fixture can outperform them.”

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