C3 Ceramic Quick Change Discs


CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels has added C3 ceramic quick change discs made from a self-sharpening ceramic grain and a cooling grinding aid to its line of quick change laminated discs.
    The new ceramic discs have a fast, aggressive cutting action and provide contaminate-free results on hard-to-grind, heat sensitive materials, such as aluminum.
    “C3 ceramic quick change discs are long-lasting performance products that will increase productivity, while not increasing overall costs,” said Joe O’Mera, president, CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels.
    The new C3 discs are available with either a roll-on or turn-on attachment. Both styles utilize a USA-developed, automated, spin-weld attachment process for fast and secure fastening.
C3 quick change discs come in 1 1/2-, 2- and 3- inch-diameters and range in 24 to 120 grit sizes.

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