C6015 Fanless Ultra-Compact Industrial PC


Modern smart factory concepts tailored to Industry 4.0 offer numerous advantages for increasing process efficiency and quality while lowering costs. The ultra-compact C6015 IPC is the ideal space-saving, high-performance IoT edge device that fully uses these advantages for new and legacy systems.


With multi-core technology, it can be flexibly installed even in highly confined spaces. Equipped with an Intel Atom processor that offers up to four CPU cores, the C6015 provides sufficient processing power for simple collection, processing, and provision of process data and for the more complex tasks required of a modern IoT gateway.


Existing systems can be easily equipped with additional IoT capabilities using this device, or they can be readied to meet future communication requirements. In this way, operators of process technology systems gain access to the full wealth of IoT and analytics solutions, regardless of the automation technology used. This reduces production costs, optimizes product quality, and improves the transparency of all process workflows.

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