Cable ID Marker Delivers Low Fire Hazard & Diesel-Resistance


Called ZHD, this heat-shrink cable identification marker offers the advantages of both low fire hazard and diesel resistance, thus enabling train manufacturers to standardize and simplify cable identification and remain compliant with the latest industry regulations.


It meets EN 45545-2 and NFPA130 standards for fire safety in rail vehicles, plus complies wdith rail fluid resistance regulations and rail fire and smoke requirements.


ZDH is suitable for pre-termination cable identification across multiple applications in the rail, mass transit, aerospace, marine, and heavy industrial sectors that face harsh environments and conditions.


ZHD specifications:

  • temperature range of –67 to 257°F
  • shrink ratio of 2:1
  • sleeve diameters range from 3/32 to 11/2 in.
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