Cable Simplifies Direct Connection to PCBs


Direct Connect Horizontal (DCH) High-Speed Press-Fit Twinax Cable Assembly is a new solution that expands the previous Direct Connect Cable Systems targeted for cost-effective, high-performance flyover or co-planar, right angle, and parallel board-to-board applications.


Samtec DCH series features a high-retention, press-fit termination offering a direct connection to the PCB. The connector-less design eliminates the need for traditional board-level connectors and transition cards leading to simplified BOMS and reduced system costs.


The DCH series combines Samtec 30AWG ultra-low skew EyeSpeed twinax cable with stitched ground pins to offer improved signal integrity and optimized differential pair signal routing. Transmit and receive signals are easily isolated in either four-pair or eight-pair options. The DCH Flyover system has bandwidth well beyond 28 Gbps NRZ/ 56 Gbps PAM4, supporting IEEE CAUI-4, OIF VSR, PCIe Gen3 and Gen4 applications, among others.


The 2.00 mm pitch assembly and ultra-low 3 mm profile are ideally suited for tight quarters. The combination of varying cable lengths and multiple END 2 options provide design flexibility for new and existing board designs.



  • 2.00 mm pitch
  • 100 ohm differential pair signal routing
  • 30 AWG twinax cable
  • High-Retention, press-fit termination to PCB
  • Ultra low 3 mm profile
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