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A new line of patented, compact, low-profile cable ties are a safe replacement for conventional ties which have a square head and an exposed barb that can injure workers and scratch or gouge surfaces. Cobra® Low Profile Cable Ties feature one-third the head height of standard cable ties and when cut, the stub is concealed within the head to create a smooth, snag-proof outer surface that conforms to the bundle.  Eliminating the sharp protruding barbs of conventional cable ties, these low profile ties are safe to handle and produce a strong and attractive finished bundle.

Available in UV-resistant black and natural nylon, Cobra® Low Profile Cable Ties are UL/CSA listed, QPL approved, and come in 7” to 16” sizes in medium and heavy duty styles.  Easy to install using industry standard tools, they mate in-line which removes the stress points of conventional cable ties.  Applications include wire harnesses and the bundling of tubing and hoses.

Cobra® Low Profile Cable Ties are priced according to size and quantity; available in several packing options.  Samples are available upon request.


• Material: 6/6 nylon • Colors: nat & UV blk. • Max bundle: 1 3/4" • Min bundle: 3/8” • Working Temp. -40 F to +185F • Strap width: .178” • Overall length : 7.50” • Head height: .103” • Head width: .330”
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