CAD/CAM Software Delivers More Flexibility, Cost Efficiency


Version 4.0 Release 3 software's newly added functions allow users more flexibility and cost efficiency in design, manufacturing preparation and processing time.


With Version 4.0 Release 3, Tebis has also improved the display of wire-frame models and isolines. The user is often confronted with the problem of many isolines, which can make the view of the components unclear on the screen. Further, Tebis has focused on a more efficient use of time by automatically breaking up assemblies and complex files into multiple individual files.


Another time-savings benefit is optimized reverse engineering. Release 3provides improved algorithms that generate perfect transitions for 4-edge surfaces. The user can also quickly and easily adjust the approximation tolerance as well as control generated radius runouts and theoretical edges more efficiently.


In surface modeling, when generating surfaces with constant curvature, Release 3 supports symmetrical areas and provides better management of input parameters when using optimization functions.


The new Version 4.0 Release 3 also delivers customers improved reliability in NC programs. An extended list with known machine conflicts is integrated in the CAD/CAM software for quick access.


Highlights of the new launch include:

  • toolbars and menu panels that can be easily docked to the edge of the application window
  • software interface that allows a user to learn to operate it more quickly and easily and with less effort
  • a new project dialog with the most recently used files is displayed immediately after the program is started
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