CAD Model Catalog


A catalog of native CAD models built by CADENAS PARTsolutions allows customers to easily design and download the exact product they need. With six product families currently available on the platform, Kollmorgen has 50,000+ parts ready for engineers to search, configure and download into their design.


Each product download allows customers to easily select and size individual solutions. Kollmorgen understands that providing user-friendly information for their customers to obtain is key to their online success. The downloadable parts increase credibility and enhance the customer’s trust which increases the likelihood of closing the order. The easier it is for engineers to discover and download their products the more likely they will return again and again.


The new catalog works with every major browser and has been “future-proofed” by CADENAS PARTsolutions to always stay current with the newest browsers, platforms, and trends. 


You can view the catalog here.

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