Calculator Increases Profitability Efficiency


ROI Calculator, a free-of-charge online tool, helps users calculate potential savings and their return on investment of tool usage when using TDM tool-management solutions.


ROI Calculator helps users rethink and interpret tool management and by answering a few simple online questions it can provide the user with information as it relates to their investment in tooling. Using the software, savings can be reliably estimated in next-to-no time. The software supports, for example, the reduction of tool variety and the targeted use of the best tools. At the same time, tool-related machine downtimes can be easily reduced, and hidden crib inventory minimized.


This transparency enables companies to understand and optimize their processes. The ROI Calculator is available on the TDM Systems website and can be accessed by anyone free of charge. Using it can quickly and easily estimate initial potential savings and display the results directly on-screen.

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