Capacitive touch screens bring advanced interfaces to netbooks and other new applications


Ocular’s Crystal Touch™ line of projected capacitive touch screens now include the industry’s first large-size capacitive touch screens, bringing extremely engaging and easy-to-use interfaces to next-generation netbooks, mobile Internet devices (MID) and other emerging types of devices. Ocular ( is the leader in advanced display-centric solutions. Until now, the largest projected capacitive touch screens were only available in small form factors, limiting the technology’s application to a few smartphones, such as Apple’s iPhone, and several handheld media players. Ocular’s Crystal Touch line of projected capacitive touch screens now includes sizes as large as 10.1-in., bringing the extreme clarity and durability of capacitive touch screens to newly emerging device types. “New devices that are coming into their own right now, like netbooks, will gain a huge boost in the marketplace by differentiating themselves through a compelling user interface. Manufacturers are looking for an interface that will pull the user into their devices, and that’s just what touch screens do,” said Phil Spivey, President and CEO of Ocular. “But the critical points are that the touch screen first has to be vibrant and rich so it can make the most of multimedia applications; and second, it has to be durable. If it’s susceptible to scratching or contaminants in the air, it’s not going to engage users for long. With the large-size Crystal Touch capacitive touch screens manufacturers can incorporate an interface that engages today’s users with the kind of sensory experience they have come to expect.” Ocular’s proven all-glass Crystal Touch projected capacitive touch screens are extremely durable and offer crystal clear clarity. In contrast to capacitive touch screens, a resistive touch screen, which is the dominant touch screen technology in use today, features a thin layer of flexible film that can be easily scratched by fingernails or clouded by chemicals in the environment. Crystal Touch screens are now available in several standard TFT sizes, including 3.5-in., 4.3-in., 5.7-in., 7-in., 10.1-in . and in customized sizes determined by application requirements. Depending on the size and quantity, pricing begins at $22. Volume pricing is available in OEM quantities. Integrated solutions that combine a TFT display with a Crystal Touch screen are also available.
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