Capacitor;Ceramic;Cap;.100uF;Tol 10%;SMT;Vol-Rtg 50V;X7R;Cut Tape


Ceramic chips consist of formulated ceramic dielectric materials which have been fabricated into thin layers, interspersed with metal electrodes alternately exposed on opposite edges of the laminated structure. The entire structure is then fired at high temperature to produce a monolithic block which provides high capacitance values in a small physical volume. After firing, conductive terminations are applied to opposite ends of the chip to make contact with the exposed electrodes. Kemet ceramic chip capacitors are offered in the five most popular temperature characteristics: C0G (NP0) ,X7R, X5R,Z5U & Y5V.


Voltage, Rating:50 | Case Size:1206 (3216 mm) | Packaging:Cut Tape (CT) | Dielectric Characteristic:X7R | Termination:SMT | Tolerance:±10 | Capacitance:0.1 | Material, Element:Ceramic | Dimensions:0.126x0.063" (3.2x1.6 mm) |
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