The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced a new line of carbide tipped band saw blades named Advanz™. The new blade line offers a special tooth tip cylinder of high quality sub-micron grain carbide with a triple-chip grind, welded to a tough, ductile back. These new blades also feature superb carbide-to-back bonding and offer exceptional fatigue, shock, wear and strip resistance when cutting difficult-to-machine materials. “Advanz carbide tipped blades provide faster, smoother, cost-effective production cutting on a wide variety of difficult to machine materials,” said Greg Cook, Saw Division Director at The L.S. Starrett Company. Starrett Advanz Blades are available in “FS” and “TS” configurations. FS is designed for a range of difficult to cut materials such as fiberglass, masonite, plastics, composites, aluminum castings and abrasive wood. TS features a special tooth profile for efficient cutting of very difficult to machine steels including high-alloy metals, titanium, stainless steel, and inconel. The new carbide tipped line includes a wide range of thicknesses from 3/4" x .035" to 3 1/8" x .063", in a complete range of positive rake pitches. Available lengths include 100', 150' coils, and welded-to-length on 2 5/8" x .063" and 3 1/8" x .063 blades.
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