Carbon Brush Boxes


Custom manufactured carbon brush boxes for electric motor OEMs that are designed to reduce brush noise and extend motor life are being introduced by ETCO Incorporated of Bradenton, Florida.

ETCO Carbon Brush Boxes are custom engineered to meet OEM design requirements for holding brushes ranging from 0.031” to 0.75”.  Made from brass and other materials in sizes from 0.008” to 0.090” thick, tolerances can be held to 0.002” across all critical formed surfaces, depending upon material.

Custom designed with multiple formed surfaces to provide an optimum commutation system, ETCO Carbon Brush Boxes incorporate base extrusions and eliminate rivets.  They are formed in a high-speed progressive die which dramatically reduces the per part price, claims the firm.

ETCO Carbon Brush Boxes are priced according to material, configuration, and quantity.  Representative samples are available upon request.


  • reduce brush noise
  • extend motor life
  • multiple formed surfaces
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