Carbon-Fiber T-Boom



Bilsing Automation has announced its enhanced carbon fiber T-boom tooling, which includes a 15% increase in carbon fiber (CF) stiffness as well as modifications to the profile for easier joining via the company’s special fastening technology. By improving the stiffness of the tool, there is less vibration and deflection for improved speed and precision.  The booms are well suited for pressroom and stamping applications including hot forming as well as assembly, plastic injection molding, and more.


In independent laboratory tests comparing steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber at 1,000,000 cycles with approximately 350 lb. force of tension and compression loaded, Bilsing carbon fiber booms proved to be lighter and more robust than aluminum, yet stronger than steel booms of the same size.  By changing from metal booms to carbon fiber tooling, manufacturers can improve production rates by up to 20%.


Importantly, Bilsing T-Booms feature a modular design with extreme design flexibility, enabling users to simply change out components instead of having to replace the entire unit should a component break or need to be changed out.


Bilsing’s fastening methodology for its T-booms marries the carbon fiber structure at the joints first with an adhesive and then reinforces it with steel bolts through the core.  This Bilsing-developed technology results in a joint that is as strong as a steel weld while lowering manufacturing costs. The new profiles are modified to further gain benefits from this process.


Bilsing’s carbon fiber profiles are compatible with a wide variety of popular brand standard vacuum, gripper and power clamp components, making it easy for companies to switch to a CF solution.



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