Kiting Cart Protects Painted Parts


Kiting cart protects parts from cracking, peeling or chipping by providing cantilevered bars on each shelf level.  Unit includes bars that extend out on both sides of the cart to safely and securely hold parts.  Cart features five adjustable shelves all in a comfortable ergonomic position and its design cart makes it easy to add, reduce or reposition the shelves. It has four 3” dia. swivel casters for easy positioning and maneuverability with two of the casters that lock. The swivel feature of the casters allows the cart to be easily rotated in order to fill one side once the other is full. 



The dimensions of the cart shown, built with 28 mm pipe, is 30” x 30” base with 65” height. It has a load capacity of 350 lb. while angle bracing ensures for rigidity and durability. Creform is able to custom configure the dimensions of the cart with its system of metal pipe and joints. The modular design allows the user to configure the cart to his needs, and to change when the demand changes. Further a wide variety of pipe colors are available.

Optional accessories include hanging hooks, paperwork clips, label holders, large diameter casters for rugged floor environments, ESD version for static sensitive areas as well as 42 mm pipe for heavy-duty applications.


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