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Oversized corrugated cases and big, bundled products pose no challenges to this new packer from A-B-C. The Model 800T is the product of A-B-C’s years of experience in corrugated handling, that, combined with new case packing techniques, has resulted in a unique packer that easily runs an extreme range of products with top speed and efficiency. It incorporates a proven case magazine and KD feed, and servo-controlled product loading to ensure quick and efficient packing of even on the most unwieldy products.

The floor-level case magazine makes it easy for your line attendant to load large case blanks without lifting.  KDs feed from the top of the stack, fed by a combination gripper and slidebar system that stabilizes large cases as they feed to the packer. A mechanical case opening device utilizes multiple grippers to open each case and square it prior to packing. Products are precisely packed by the servo-controlled loading ram, guided into the case by stainless steel packing funnels that protect exterior graphics and shrink wraps. Cases may be sealed with tape or hot melt adhesive. The Model 800T runs cases from minimum 14” L x 12” W x  7.25” D to maximum 29.25” L x 22” W x 25” D.  Speeds are dependent on product accumulation requirements.


  • servo-controlled product loading
  • quick and efficient packing
  • multiple grippers to open each case
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