Case Study: Discovering the Right Support for Lost Reusable Shippers



One of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in the world was sending reusable Crēdo™ parcel shippers to Australia, Singapore, and other parts of SE Asia, but found returning the containers individually wasn’t cost effective for them. They had other temperature controlled products available, but they wanted to use the Crēdo shipper due to their familiarity with the reliability, value in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and temperature hold capabilities experienced in other regions with more established shipping lanes like Europe and North America. Nonetheless, shipments to Asia had to be made, so this company accepted the one-way shipments as status quo because the thermal performance of the reusable Crēdo shippers was worth it to them. Without a way to organize or track asset management, this company was losing as much as $200K in irretrievable shippers each year and this was an acceptable, if expensive situation for them.



One of the pharmaceutical company’s vendors in the region was familiar with the reusable nature of Crēdo, so they saved the systems. Once they had several pallets worth stored in their premium warehouse in Singapore, they contacted the local headquarters for the pharmaceutical company to determine how they wanted to return them. The logistics manager reached out to PBT citing irretraceable shippers was surprised to hear about the pallets of reusable Crēdo shippers just waiting to be reclaimed and found himself unsure how to track them for reuse when they had been sent to Asia on a one-way trip. At this point, the logistics manager contacted Pelican BioThermal for advice and assistance.


Pelican BioThermal introduced our asset management software, Crēdo ProEnvision™. With this software implemented, our client was able to have full visibility into their inventory. They established a consolidation facility with their local vendor for all countries in the region to which they sent Crēdo shippers. They used scans from the shippers in each country and Crēdo ProEnvision™ to track where each shipper landed in Asia, then determined where each had been shipped from originally. Once they had a way to track their adrift Crēdo shippers, their vendor sent them from each Asian country and Australia to the consolidation facility in Singapore. Through Crēdo ProEnvision™, the pharmaceutical company and their vendor monitored the returns coming to the consolidation facility and the rate at which the containers were returning to them. As a result, the collected pallets of Crēdo shippers were scanned upon arrival and tracked in Crēdo ProEnvision™. From that point on, Crēdo shippers sent to Asia were monitored, reclaimed at the consolidation facility, and put right back into service, which, aside from excellent thermal protection, reuse is a primary strength of the Crēdo shippers.



1,200+ Crēdo shippers were returned to date for this client and they have saved over $120,000USD in the first year of problem discovery thanks to Crēdo ProEnvision™. The company estimate their savings to total $200,000USD annually in year two and beyond. The client is very pleased to have such significant savings in reusing the Crēdo shippers just waiting to be found by the very supportive tool for asset management: Crēdo ProEnvision™.

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