Lowell Corporation has just updated its  catalog of ratcheting hand tools for workers in electric and water utilities, construction, and plant maintenance and operation. The catalog also features machine components to be specified by OEM designers or retrofit by plant engineering and maintenance personnel.

   For water and sewer utility workers and those in the construction industry, Lowell makes a variety of heavy duty ratchet and socket wrenches that can handle all kinds of nuts found in water, oil, and gas pipeline work, and in hydrant maintenance and operation.    
   For electric utility, telephone, and cable TV workers there is an expanded section in the catalog on wrenches for a variety of electrical transmission and distribution applications.
   For original designs or retrofitting to existing machines, Lowell offers ratchet arms, handles, and clutches that enable plant workers to control and adjust machinery with greater precision, ease, and safety. Lowell can also do custom design for tools and controls.
All wrenches incorporate Lowell’s Bolt-Thru design. This feature allows bolts to pass entirely through the socket so that nuts can be secured on any threaded length, eliminating the need for deep sockets or open-end wrenches.

   Although there are exceptions, such as observation windows and strap wrenches, Lowell's extensive product line is largely based on ratchet technology.
   As a hand tool component, a ratchet makes it easier to tighten or loosen. In machinery, a ratchet can increase the efficiency of many different operations and is especially useful when used with controls that are hard to reach. When retrofit, a ratchet-based control usually replaces less effective knobs and hand wheels.
   In clutching applications under 1,000 RPM, ratchets develop little overrunning or frictional torque and consume minimal power. Ratchet clutches make a good choice for both automated and manual operations.

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