Cavitation Tube Sparging Systems Brochure - ERIEZ


Cavitation Tube Spargers are the heart of the patented bubble generation technique used in column flotation cells produced by the Eriez Flotation Division (EFD). This advanced system used in coal and minerals processing is explained in greater detail in a brochure now available for immediate download from the EFD website and also available by request in hard copy format.

According to the brochure, specially-designed “CavTubes” are an integral part of the hydrodynamic aeration system used to maximize fine bubble generation and improve bubble-particle collision rates. CavTubes can also be used as part of a pre-aeration system that can be applied independently in a flotation feed line or part of a separate equipment package to increase the recovery of overloaded circuits or improve the flotation response of “hard-to-float” material.
The 8-page, four-color brochure includes an array of product schematics and specifications as well as individual product photos. Besides cavitation tube sparging, the brochure also explains Picobubble Enhanced Flotation, Pre-Aeration Systems and Retrofit Installations.  One section shows a cut-out view of a Cavitation Tube system with its many components.
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