Centrifugal Classifier Separates Particles Without Water



The Centrifugal Classifier (CC) harnesses air, gravity and centrifugal force to automatically separate dry particles without any water. Featuring a novel, proprietary design, the pneumatic air classifier separates the feed material from the airstream and redirects the air into a curtain of material to create a scrubbing action that directs larger particles to the discharge outlet and directs fine particles into a controlled vortex en route to discharge with the airstream to a dust collector. Designed with no moving parts, the Centrifugal Classifier offers an efficient alternative to screening machines with virtually no maintenance, no work stoppages for screen cleaning and replacement, and at lower initial and operating costs.


Developed for classifying cement, alumina, salt, potash, limestone, fertilizer, and other materials, the Centrifugal Classifier separates dry particles at any cut point between 100 to 15 μm. The classification system is custom-designed and manufactured for each installation to meet target production goals and material specifications, and is proven to perform continuously in unattended, 24/7 operation.

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