Centrifuge Cell Windows Simplify Alignment


Meller Sapphire Centrifuge Windows feature a scribed arrow on their edges to project the optic access and simplify alignment. Suitable for Beckman centrifuges and other instruments, they measure 19.03 mm dia. ±0.03 mm by 5 mm thick ±0.10 mm and are ideal for demanding applications where chemical-, scratch-, and high pressure-resistance are required.

Designed for OEMs and field-replacement, Meller Sapphire Centrifuge Windows are available wedged one or two degrees and plano; with chamfers 0.35/0 mm x 45 degrees in two places, and have a 30-5 scratch-dig surface finish.  For less demanding applications, windows made from quartz are offered with a 10-5 scratch-dig surface finish and a 16.00 mm central clear aperture.

Meller Centrifuge Cell Windows are priced according to material and quantity.


  • Diameter: 19.03 mm dia.

  • Thickness: ±0.03 mm by 5 mm thick

  • Angles: Wedged (2-4 deg), Plano, Chamfers (0.35/0 mm x 45 deg)

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