Certified Optical Joystick


CTI Electronics (An Affiliate of Electro Switch Corp.) has launched a new line of optical joystick motion controllers and mouse pointing devices.  Made in the USA, LightStick® Series controllers exceed medical and military performance standards for electromagnetic and RF disturbance in applications to 200V/m — without additional shielding.


The LightStick’s patented noncontact optical sensor technology ensures highly repeatable operator feedback for the life of the controller — up to 10 million cycles and an MTBF greater than 10 years of operation.  The LightStick joystick maintains its high repeatability in each axis — stability and no drift at center — even when exposed to electromagnetic interference of 200V/m over a frequency range of 2MHz – 18GHz (per MIL-STD-461G, RS103 Military Standard using Amplitude Modulation) as well as electromagnetic interference of 30V/m over a frequency range of  30MHz – 2.7GHz  (per EN61000-4-3 Medical Standard).


CTI Electronics has over 30 years of experience creating custom HMI solutions for OEMs — solutions that provide reliability, durability, and superior performance throughout the product life cycle.

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