CH2 high-voltage wiring harness/backplane tester.


Although a new product, the CH2 will be an easy adoption for existing Cirris customers who are using the easy-wire CR or CH+ testers, since it too will run on this popular, easy-to-use software platform. New CH2 customers will find the Windows based easy-wire software to be a powerful, yet simple to learn software platform.

The CH2 can self-learn the wiring pattern from a sample assembly, can be programmed through its onboard wirelist editor, or test programs can be imported from CAD/CAE generated data files. It measures resistance from .1W to 1MW in standard 2-wire mode, and can measure resistance as low as .001W when used in 4-wire mode. The CH2 is fast. It can detect shorts in <1 second and performs a complete check for opens, shorts, mis-wires, and high-resistance errors, as well as testing components in the assembly. High voltage tests verify insulation up to 1GW.

In addition to testing, the CH2 can be used as a zero-defect wiring assembly aid. It can guide the operator step-by-step through the assembly process with on-screen connector graphics and red/green LED indicators.


• Test Points: 160 - 20,000 • Hipot: 100 - 1500VDC, 100 - 1000VAC • Connection Resistance Range: 0.1 - 1M ohm • Insulation Resistance Range: 5M-1000M ohm • 4-Wire Resistance Test: .001 - 100 ohm • Test Reports: SPC Data Collection / Custom Reports • Components Tested: Resistors, Diodes, Capacitors. • Wirelist Memory Capability: Unlimited • Point Labeling: 32 Characters • Guided Assembly: Zero Defect Assembly Aides • Security: Password Protected Security Levels
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