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A mobile app from Drives features a collection of robust tools that make it simple and convenient to find the right chain for new and existing drive or conveyor applications. Called Chain Engineer, the app allows engineers and maintenance professionals to select, interchange, configure, and track elongation from their desk or mobile device.


Chain Engineer is a mobile web app and can be downloaded to your phone by using the “save to home screen” or comparable feature available on your device. Chain Engineer is also available as a web-based resource at Also available, the Drive Engineer® belt drive design web app from Timken Belts can be accessed via a link on Chain Engineer.


  • Drive chain selection: Select a precision roller chain for drive applications based on required parameters and center distance. It can also help confirm whether the right chain is being used in existing applications.
  • Conveyor chain selection: Select the ideal conveyor chain for a horizontal, incline or vertical system, including slat, bulk and bucket systems.
  • Precision roller chain and attachments interchange: Compare and interchange tier-one chains and attachments.
  • Chain measurement: Provides instructions on how to measure leaf chain, roller chain, agricultural chain and kiln drier chain. Allows user to input data and track chain wear life on various applications. Users can continue to record data and access and share reports under their established accounts, supporting maintenance best-practices over the life of their equipment.
  • Chain configurator access: Visually see your chain assembly as you choose your specific size, length and attachments. Generate 2D or 3D CAD modules, submit a request for quote and ensure proper communication of your drive requirements.
  • Resource library: Access a library of helpful technical documents, brochures, catalogs and more.
  • Save and share feature: Create reports and download PDF files that can be easily shared with customers or colleagues. 
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