Change Encoder Signals from Analog to Digital


The EIB 192 External Interface Box breaks new ground in the area of motion control’s encoder signal transmission. By changing 1 Vpp encoder signals to an EnDat 2.2 bidirectional digital interface, the EIB box changes its signal from analog to digital, a huge advantage to machine builders wanting to standardize on one encoder interface.


To do this, the EIB interface box will convert sine / cosine signals to EnDat 2.2 (an innovative digital bi-directional interface for encoders that also updates information stored on an encoder). With this box, incremental encoders with 1Vpp signals can now simply be used as part of an absolute system. This is especially useful for all motion control applications that want to utilize both incremental and absolute measuring systems in their machinery.


This interpolation and digitizing electronics on this platform is significant, boasting 16,384-fold. The input frequency is 400 kHz.

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