Chargers Help Reduce Energy Costs


Compact V-Force High-Frequency Economy (V-HFE) Series battery chargers are designed to maximize forklift battery life and increase energy efficiency, helping managers to reduce overall energy costs associated with forklift battery charging.


Charger, which is compliant with California Energy Commission (CEC) regulations, is designed to provide lighter-duty applications and smaller operations with a more cost-effective, high-frequency charging solution to suit almost any flooded battery. It uses a constant current – constant voltage – constant current charge profile to reduce the amount of battery-damaging heat generated during charging. Charge termination is determined by the change in voltage over time, preventing over- and undercharging, and maximizing battery and charger efficiency.


Benefits of the V-HFE charger:

  • Up to 38% power savings compared to traditional Ferro and SCR chargers
  • 93% efficiency rates over an entire charge cycle
  • front panel screen allows users to  select charging cycle (conventional or cold storage)
  • occupies 67% less space than typical charger cabinets
  • range of voltage specific models will charge 300 to 1,200 amp-hr batteries via conventional charging method
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