Chassis is Ideal for Small Spaces


A 4-Slot USB/LXI Modular Chassis (model 60-105) compliments Pickering’s 2-slot USB/LXI Modular Chassis (model 60-104) in that they both offer a small, lightweight form/factor ideal for portable, benchtop, and space restrictive applications.


These chassis' are designed for desk or rack mounting and feature remote control via USB or LXI Ethernet. Remote control over a network enables the switching function of a test system to be located as close as possible to the target equipment.


The 4-slot chassis supports between one and four of Pickering’s 3U PXI modules. Possible systems include switching matrices up to 2,208 cross-points or up to 72 channels of programmable resistor/sensor simulation.


The chassis is USB 3 compatible and has a fully compliant LXI interface. These communications standards enable the chassis to be controlled directly through standard interfaces found on most personal computers and tablets that support HTML5, allowing for a very practical route into a variety of applications in the modular test and measurement market.



  • Fully Compliant LXI Interface (1.5)
  • Ethernet 1000baseT Interface
  • USB 3.0 Compatible
  • Supports 1000+ Pickering 3U PXI Modules Including: 
    • Programmable Resistors 
    • Matrices 
    • Multiplexers 
    • General Purpose Relays 
    • RF Switches 
    • Fault Insertion
  • Supports Four User Slots
  • Compact 1/2 Rack Width 2U Form Factor
  • Control from Mobile Devices with Wi-Fi Option 
  • 3-Year Warranty
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