Chemical Resistant Paratubing Increases Flow Lines Without Increasing Inventory


New capabilities and greater size ranges offer Fluoroplastic Paratubing customers more versatility than ever before.  Fluoroplastic Paratubing from Parker TexLoc is a unique tube consisting of 2 to 4 tubes longitudinally thermally welded to create one conduit consisting of multiple individual tubes. Paratubing offers the ability to run several fluid lines as one entity and then split the tubes apart for branching to different connectors when needed. 

Paratubing is available in Texflour™ FEP and PFA and is offered in sizes as small as .031” ID x .030 wall up to 3” OD.  These materials offer a non-stick surface, are chemically inert and non-leaching and both materials have a low refractive index, allowing for visual inspection by operators.  Also, paratubing is offered in colors allowing for distinct identification of different fluid lines. 

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