Chemiluminescent No/Nox Analyzer


The Nova Model 300 CLD Analyzer is designed to continuously measure the total concentration of oxides of nitrogen within a gaseous sample. The sample can be ambient air, exhaust gases from an internal combustion engine, gas turbine or from a combustion process.The Model 300 CLD utilizes the principle of chemiluminescence for analyzing the NO/NOx concentration. The method is based upon the chemiluminescent reaction between ozone and nitric oxide (NO) to form nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and oxygen.Features include 8 switch selectable ranges from 0-3 PPM to 0-3,000 PPM NO/NOx, automatic high voltage shut down with loss of ozone/air, complete digital presentation including sample and air pressures (no gauges), critical flow orifice flow control (no capillaries), digital diagnostics and 19-inch rack mount cabinet.
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