Chip & Fluid Management Solutions Brochure


PRAB has developed a comprehensive brochure outlining its chip and fluid management solutions focused on machining operations.

   “We wanted to update our information to ensure today’s machining and environmental compliance managers are aware of the broad spectrum of solutions available to them related to chip and fluid management,” said Ron Chapman, PRAB North America Systems Sales Manager.

“While many companies readily adopt new technologies and processes to enhance their finished product, we still encounter many operations whose bottom lines could benefit from applying new processes to their waste stream. We’re intending to use the brochure to start a conversation with customers regarding options for improving their operations.”
The four-page brochure outlines PRAB’s custom-engineered solutions focused on:
•    reducing labor costs and improve machinist productivity;
•    reclaiming and recycling expensive coolants and cutting fluids;
•    maximizing return on recycling metals;
•    improving housekeeping and compliance to environmental rules and regulations; and
•    enhancing the work environment and employee health and safety.

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