With inlet openings that range from 3 inches to custom designed in extra wide widths, and the ability to process materials a thin as 8 microns (.00031²), AirTrim has the broadest line of granulators/choppers in the industry.  With cast iron or fabricated stainless steel housings, these proven designs are manufactured with 3 ,6, 9 or 12 blades, depending upon specific materials and applications. They are ideal for aftermarket/end-user installations or designed into machines for OEM usage.  Commonly built for the reduction of paper, filmand foil label matrix, these proven components have been tailored to the demands of a wide range of products including plastics, nonwovens, textiles, cardboard and paperboard, tissue, healthcare waste, packaging materials, and many industrial materials.

An innovative design dispenses a lubricant directly from the cutter shaft, keeping the blades free of debris and ensuring long service life with very low maintenance. The single piece, center-axis rotor includes knives manufactured from a special hardened metal for long life and cutting of very thin materials (down to 8 microns).  Bed knife adjustments allow fine-tuning in special applications. With processing speeds of 1700 RPM at 60Hz, AirTrim granulators/choppers maintain a high air speed to process adhesives efficiently without blockages; a special non-stick coating is available for these materials.

An effective center-axis lubrication system requires little oil, and includes an oil tank with automatic regulation. Machined connection points on the chopper ensure fast and easy assembly to ductwork or piping.  The center-axis design is efficient, with no additional loss of air pressure caused by bigger blades.  Minimal cleaning, maintenance and repair are required, providing years of trouble-free service.


  • processing speeds of 1700 RPM at 60Hz
  • center-axis lubrication system
  • able to process materials a thin as 8 microns
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