Chuck System Designed for High Speeds


The Mega New Baby Chuck is a high precision and multi-purpose collet chuck system that is designed for high-speed cutting and guarantees a 1 micron runout at the collet nose. It is perfect for cutting tools with a diameter up to ø25.4 mm and its high-speed design is offered in six different collet series sizes.  


Mega New Baby Chuck 25N has a clamping range of ø.610 to 1.000 in. in and the thrust ball bearings eliminate distortion of the collet during tightening and the patented design prevents the ball bearings from moving at high speed.


Mega New Baby Chuck is available up to ø1 in. clamping for drills, reamers, and finishing end mills with .00004 in. runout accuracy. 


Ideal length and diameter of the holder is the key to precision machining. If selection is limited, an increased tool extension reduces performance. 


Additional features include:

  • Available in BIG-PLUS (SK/BT), HSK and BIG Capto
  • Two-way coolant supply: Through tools or jet if tools don’t have any holes
  • High runout precision of 0.003 mm at 4xD
  • Every chuck is 100% inspected twice
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