Circuit Breaker Adaptor Cuts Build Times


SafeT Interiors are designed to make UL67 panelboards and UL891 switchboards quicker and more cost-effective for manufacturers to produce. A patented adaptor means circuit breakers plug right in, simplifying assembly, reducing labor costs and assuring build quality.


The SafeT Interiors help customers who construct electrical distribution systems, commonly used for lighting and interior power applications, to make significant process improvements. By eliminating complex, labor-intensive strap kits from UL67 and UL891 designs, boards are easier to upgrade and service.


They are designed for low-voltage distribution panelboards that comply with UL67 and switchboards that comply with UL891. They are available for applications rated up to 600 volts and all come with an IP20 finger-safe vertical bus as standard.


The plug-in adaptor supports the breaker and provides phase separation during installation. The breakers can be installed in a flash, only requiring one or two screws and a screw driver. Not only is circuit breaker replacement easier, with fewer potential installation failure points, the SafeT Interior designs higher levels of quality and robustness into any installation.


Panelboard interiors:

  • Breakers available from 15 to 1200 A
  • 600 V AC max, 3P3W/4W
  • Short circuit ratings up to 200 kAIC at 480 V
  • Bus ratings from 400 to 1,200 A
  • Main circuit breaker (MCB), main lug only (MLO) and universal (back-fed MCB MLO) configurations
  • UL, CSA


Switchboard interiors:

  • Bus ratings from 1,200 to 4,000 A
  • Center and end feed main bus taps
  • UL Recognized component



  • Finger-safe IP20 SafeT bus stack pave the way for increased workplace safety
  • Easy-to-understand ordering code scheme
  • Versatility, panelboard interiors offered in three widths and three heights while switchboards offer short, half, and full height bus stacks for any application
  • Field-reversible interiors make job site corrections easy
  • Tmax XT breakers occupy up to 30% less mounting space than the competition—reducing panel enclosure size and saving wall space
  • Flexible device mounting with minimum location restrictions for 100% rated breakers
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