Circuit Breaker Lockout


Accuform Signs announces the newest addition to their exclusive line of STOPOUT® lockout/tagout solutions, the STOPOUT® Simple Circuit Breaker Lockout. The STOPOUT® Simple Circuit Breaker Lockout holds tightly onto a circuit breaker for a secure and solid lockout. The unit uses a combination of a setscrew and metal jaws for optimum secure grip using a flathead screw driver. The setscrew twists to lock the device onto a circuit breaker for operational or maintenance on machines and electrical, and the unique design allows for easy lockout application and removal. 

Accuform Signs Chief Executive Officer Wayne Johnson said of the device, "OSHA requires LOTO (lockout/tagout) devices at facilities for several reasons including keeping people safe and reducing accidents, especially when there are multiple workers who need access to machinery and equipment. This one happens to be very simple and durable as well.” Dave Johnson, President of Accuform Signs added, "Our lockout devices are all colored safety red and are produced with the octagon, stop-sign-style, which further tells you to stop and check what you’re working on.” He later added,” 

This Simple Circuit Breaker combined with a lock and safety tag not only immobilizes the switch but also becomes a further indication to stop what you’re doing and assess the situation before you proceed. People’s lives are on the line.”  


  • secure and solid lockout
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