Cisco Connected Machines Brings Fog and LoRaWAN to Real-World Environments


Cisco's significant updates to its Industrial IoT portfolio extend its leadership in the space. Smarter production environments and long-range connectivity are becoming necessities in today’s world, as companies look to create connected, efficient policies and practices to drive down costs and stay competitive.


Cisco Connected Machines delivers a complete solution to securely connect devices, transform machine data into real-time insight, and grow recurring business when working with machine builders and manufacturers.


By implementing the Connected Machines solution, Cisco’s manufacturing customers can benefit from the domain expertise of machine builders to drive machine process improvements through real-time corrective action and continuous, predictive maintenance.



  • Connected Machines: With the introduction of Fog Computing into Cisco’s Connected Machines portfolio, organizations can get real-time updates and provide continuous, predictive maintenance.
  • Connected Factory: The introduction of two new industrial switches and security appliance give customers the ability to secure, scale and simplify network management in today’s production environments.
  • LoRaWAN: Combining Low-Power-Wide-Area LoRaWAN with Wi-Fi, organizations can cost-effectively connect countless battery-powered long-distance IoT sensors.
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