A new series of specification- and hospital-grade NEMA wiring devices for faster, easier assembly of electrical terminations with safer, more reliable and maintenance-free connections as compared to conventional screw termination systems is being introduced by Marinco Electrical Group.

The new Clamp-Lock devices have terminals which overcome potential causes of device failure by using the concept of spring pressure, applying a consistent amount of pressure that automatically adjusts to prevent shifting of wire strands. Conventional screw terminal wiring devices are self-loosening over time, as a function of heat, shock or vibration; not being tightened completely when installed; or as a result of a phenomenon called creep, a shifting of copper wire strands that allows screws to loosen and terminal temperatures to increase.

Initially available in 15-amp and 20-amp straight-blade configurations, the patented Clamp-Lock design utilizes color-coded cam levers to open and snap-close the chambers that accept the conductors, simply using finger pressure. The Clamp-Lock system requires no tools for insertion and no re-torquing is necessary due to the constant clamping force. Wiring assemblers simply strip the conductor using the molded-in gauge on the device, open the terminal to insert the conductor and then close the cam lever.

Marinco is now in the process of developing 20-amp and 30-amp devices that also will use the Clamp-Lock termination technology.

The unique Clamp-Lock device includes two fast-travel assembly screws to reduce labor; long, deep funnels to aid in the precise insertion of wires; and a self-centering external cord grip for faster assembly. Removable inserts accommodate the widest possible range of cable diameters. Clamp-Lock installations, as compared to conventional wiring devices, reduce installation time by as much as 70%.

“Our patented design ensures a consistent, secure electrical connection every time,” said Phil Fram, Marinco vice president of marketing. “The Clamp-Lock product prevents overheating and device failures due to loose terminations and also dramatically reduces installation time and labor for our customers.”

Clamp-Lock plugs and connectors are UL listed and CSA certified. Hospital-grade devices meet or exceed stringent hospital-grade UL tests. Clamp-Lock devices are used for demanding-environment applications in hospitals, industrial, construction and entertainment markets.

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