Clamping for Small Parts


SPM-138 diaphragm clamping system allows the user to machine the contour of their workpiece into the SPM unit. Engage  the module's Turbo function and the unit clamps evenly around the outside of the part.

It clamps work piece sizes of 36 mm to 125mm diam., although the work pieces do not have to be round. The SPM unit generates clamping forces up to 50 kN.

Small work pieces can be clamped to the top plate, as well as pallets, clamping stations, existing fixtures, and tombstones with one or more clamping pins. The radial aligned clamping slides of the quick-change pallet system pulls in the clamping pin and locks it. This action retracts the Diaphragm top plate.


  • Generates clamping forces up to 50 kN
  • Work piece sizes of 36 mm to 125mm diam.
  • Repeat accuracy of at least 5 microns
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