Clamping Shaft Collars


Stafford Accu-Clamp Shaft Collars feature an integral clamp on one side while leaving the other flat and perpendicular within 0.001-in. TIR to permit mounting next to precision bearings, sprockets, and gears.  For mounting components, Accu-Mount and Accu-Flange collars have a centering hub with predrilled and tapped holes on their flat side and flange, respectively.


Providing strong, mar-free clamping power, Accu-Clamp Shaft Collars are available made from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel in 0.5 to 2-in. I.D. sizes.  A Precision one-piece Sleeve Coupling with a rigid center clamp section and the Accu-Clamp feature at each end is offered for a distortion-free coupling with a more precise fit and shaft-to shaft concentricity within 0.001-in. TIR.

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