Classic LED Drivers Catalog


The Classic Driver catalog helps OEMs identify the exact LED driver they need for their applications. All drives carry UL's Type TL Rating.

  • Identify whether a constant-current or constant-voltage source is required to operate your LEDs application
  • Identify the number of LEDs used in your application
    • Voltage required is determined by the number of LEDs in series string
    • Current required is determined by number of parallel individual LEDs or strings
  • Identify the maximum wattage load the driver will encounter in your application -
    • Choose a driver rated slightly higher than your maximum rated load -
    • Make sure the driver’s output will operate beyond the LED's specified range (voltage range for a constant-current driver, or current range for a constantvoltage driver)
  • Identify any dimming needs
  • Choose a driver from a manufacturer with US operations (sales and engineering support is just a phone call away), who can also supply your manufacturing locations worldwide
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