Clear Label Sensor


Capacitive sensing technology has been shown to be the fastest, most accurate method of clear (or nonclear) label registration detection, but the sensors are perceived as difficult to adjust and expensive. Lion Precision’s new LRD6300 capacitive label sensor has easy one-button setup and a lower price.
The LRD6300 is Lion Precision’s new capacitive clear label sensor. Unlike its predecessors, it features push-button controls with one-click AutoGap setup. The sensor includes EasyCheck Verification; a simple system of bright LEDs that make it clear, even at a distance, if the sensor is operating correctly. “We created capacitive label sensors in 1995 and have listened to the demands of our customers ever since. This new sensor received rave reviews during beta testing and answers the market’s call for greater simplicity without sacrificing performance; we were even able to drop the price,” says Mark Kretschmar, Lion Precision’s label sensor product manager.
Since the dawn of the “no-label look,” sensing clear labels during application has presented a problem for packagers. LRD brand capacitive sensors were created to solve the problem. Original versions required screwdriver adjustment and sold more than 50,000 units. The market’s call for ever-increasing simplicity is answered with the new sensor. Kretschmar adds, “There is tremendous variety among users of label sensors. Some have technical backgrounds, but many do not. The LRD6300 is so easy to setup, anyone could do it with a single button press.”
More technical users are often leery of “easy setup sensors” especially “teachable” sensors as they often leave the operator with no manual adjustments. While the LRD6300 has one-button AutoGap setup, the setup remains adjustable with simple up and down adjustment buttons. The EasyCheck Verification makes it easy for anyone to examine the sensor setup as it’s running labels. If operators don’t like what they see, they can make manual adjustments and instantly see the result.


  • push-button controls
  • one-click AutoGap setup
  • EasyCheck Verification
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