Clear Tube Grease Guns


UltraView Clear Tube Grease Guns allow proper identification of the grease type inside the grease gun. When bulk loading the gun, the amount of grease remaining can also be seen. Since cross-contamination causes 60-80 percent of bearing failures, a clear barrel helps prevent expensive mistakes before application. UltraView Lever Action or Pistol Grease Guns are equipped with a CNC-machined, high-tolerance aluminum headcap; a heavy duty follower spring; and large rolled threads for quick, clean re-loading.   

With a variable stroke feature built-in for use in confined areas, the Lever Action Grease Gun delivers 1.5-oz per 40 strokes and develops 8,000 PSI. The Pistol Grease Gun dispenses 1-oz per 40 strokes, produces 5,000 PSI and easily operates with one hand.   Clear tubes are sold separately in seven colors. The different colors can coordinate with various pieces of equipment to help ensure the proper grease is used on the correct equipment. To add an additional degree of security, Lube Point Positive ID (LPPID) Washers are for use underneath the grease fitting. Also available in seven colors, the grease gun, grease and grease fittings can all be matched to avoid cross contamination.   


  • aluminum headcap
  • heavy duty follower spring
  • quick, clean re-loading

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