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FREE PLC Programming Software

The CLICK PLC family of components is designed to offer practical PLC features in a compact and expandable design, and at the same time offer the best ease-of-use. The CLICK PLC programming software can be downloaded for free from our Web site and provides an intuitive programming tool that will get you up and running quickly.
  • 21 easy to use instructions
    • The CLICK PLC supports a very simple but practical instruction set.
    • The 21 easy-to-use instructions can cover most applications that are suitable for this class of PLC.
    • (The CLICK PLC does not support DirectLOGIC Series PLC instructions.)
    • View online CLICK software Help files

  • 8,000 steps program memory
    • The CLICK CPU module can store up to 8,000 steps (instructions) of ladder program in its flash EEPROM memory.

  • Decimal memory addressing
    • The I/O numbering system is decimal to make it easier to count the number of I/O points and data registers.

  • Communications
    • A powered CLICK CPU module by itself can be used as a complete PLC control system with eight input points and six output points built-in, or the system can be expanded with the addition of up to eight I/O modules.
    • A variety of I/O modules are available for flexible and optimal system configuration.

  • Expandable I/O
    • The CPUs have two built-in RS-232 communications ports. One port supports the Modbus RTU protocol only and can be used as the programming part.
    • The other port supports either Modbus RTU or ASCII protocol. Both ports supply 5 VDC, so you can connect our C-more Micro-Graphic HMI panel without an additional power supply.

  • Easy installation
    • The CLICK PLC system does not require a mounting base, which saves on space.
    • The CLICK CPU and I/O modules are connected together via an integrated expansion port on the sides of the modules and sliding locking tabs on the top and bottom of all modules.


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