Cloud-Based Thermal Cameras


Fotric 123 Infrared Thermal Camera is the world's first cloud-based smart infrared camera designed for visual early fire detection that offers real-time data transmission. The Fotric 123 can be permanently situated indoors or outdoors to detect abnormal changes in heat conditions and send early fire alert warnings via an internet connection before a fire or other problem begins.


The Fotric 123's built-in infrared imager provides accurate temperature measurement with high sensitivity. It can continuously detect hot or cold spots or even substance leakage conditions regardless of ambient lighting or weather conditions - day or night. The Fotric 123 is a cloud-based thermal camera that can be programmed to send short infra-red videos directly to a remote smartphone when preset alerts are exceeded, allowing the system to function as an early fire alert device, detecting the location of potential fires while still in their formation stage and before devastating damage occurs. The cloud storage space is provided free (up to 7 day's alert records) with the price of the camera. The Fotric 123 also has motion detection capability and can also be used as a surveillance IP camera to improve property security. While providing effective fire detection for multiple users, it protects personal privacy since no visible wavelength images are transmitted. 


The Fotric 123 sees an object's surface temperature rather than visible light. Its intelligent algorithm minimizes false alarms that can occur with ambient lighting, offering higher detection accuracy regardless of surrounding light conditions. It detects thermal conditions even in smoke and fog, pinpointing an exact fire source location. It can even be programmed to advise a safe evacuation route. Additionally, infrared thermal imaging technology provides better motion detection than visible imaging, especially under low-light conditions. 


Fire hazards can be detected in their early stages. The Fotric 123 intelligently detects unusual object heating, well before a fire actually ignites, and triggers fire alarm messages with a sensitivity of 0.1°C. Users can view the thermal video remotely in real-time on any smartphone running the Fotric app. When an unusual temperature condition occurs, a short thermal video is uploaded to the cloud server and the fire hazard alert is instantly transferred to preprogrammed smartphones for user monitoring. Each Fotric 123 camera can be shared with multiple users for simultaneous monitoring. 


Powered by an external AC adaptor, the Fotric 123 enables real-time alerts with uninterrupted monitoring. Housed in an IP66 weather-proof case, the Fotric 123 is compact (4.7 × 2.7 × 2.8 in.) and lightweight (1.3 lb). 


Smart Fire / High / Low Temperature Alerts
Early Fire/High Temp Alert: -20° to 150°C, user-defined temperature threshold
Alert Sensitivity: High, Medium, Low (selectable)
Low Temperature Alert: -20° to 150°C, user-defined temperature threshold
Motion Detection: Supported
Motion Sensitivity: High, Medium, Low (selectable)


Temperature: View temperature of any pixel in real-time on your mobile app
Min/Max Temperature: Real-time capture and display of min & max temperatures
Network Band Rate: Display network band rate in real-time
Data: View history of alert images and snapshots
Thermal Image Snapshot: Supported


Device Management
Group: Supported
Group Name: User-defined
Share Device: Supported


Network Type: 10/100M self-adaptive
Port: RJ45
Connection: Smart transparent automatic network configuration


Detector & Thermal Imaging
Type: Focal Plane Array (FPA) uncooled microbolometer
Resolution: 80x80
Spectral Response: 8 - 14μm
Video Format: H.264
Thermal Sensitivity: 100mk@30℃ 50mk@30℃
Field of View: 50° x 50°
Temperature Accuracy: ±5° or ±5% whichever is greater


Physical Characteristics
Power Supply: DC 12v
Power: Nominal power <6w
Housing Protection: IP66
FCC: CFR Part 47 15.107, CFR Part 47 15.109
Operating Temperature: -20° to +50°C
Working Humidity: <90% RH
Shock Resistance: 2g
Size: 160L x 68W x 71H (in mm, excluding cable)
Weight: 450g
Included Items: Thermal Camera, AC Adapter, Cable, Mounting Bracket, User Manual, Warranty Card, Outdoor Shade Cover



  • First cloud-based real-time fire surveillance smart thermal camera with visual early fire detection
  • Professional infrared sensor for temperature measurement with high sensitivity
  • Continuously detect hot/cold spots regardless lighting conditions
  • Real-Time monitoring and visual early fire/freeze alert
  • 24/7 motion detection to enhance the security of your property
  • Effective in fire protection while protecting privacy
  • Night Version Recreational Camera-Discovers the World You Often Don't See
  • 1-2-3 Easy-to-Use with 24/7 APP Real-Time Alerts
  • Free APP FotricCTC available for IOS and Android smartphones
  • Shareable for multiple users
  • Free cloud space to save 7 days of videos
  • Auto hot/cold spot detection
  • 1 movable spot temperature measurement
  • Visual alert video can be shared on social media, such as FaceBook, Email, Instagram, Tweet, Snapchat
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