clutch/brake UniModule designed for heavy duty conveyor applications


Warner Electric has introduced a new heavy duty Gen2 electromagnetic packaged clutch/brake UniModule for use in tough conveyor applications including baggage handling systems. The new Gen2 modules feature two significant design modifications. A new, larger bearing provides a dynamic load capability increase of 47%. A redesigned armature and spline hub features an effective spline length increase of 83% resulting in a 44% decrease in spline compressive stress.

Two fully assembled, pre-burnished, factory-tested, heavy duty UniModules are offered for 143/145TC NEMA frame, up to 2HP. 

Standard Gen2 UniModule features include internal component mounting and an external housing fin design that increases heat dissipation and optimizes stop/start frequencies, particularly in enclosed configurations. Also, an improved input-to-output axis alignment reduces vibration, noise, and wear.  Integrated, custom mounting bolts make installation easy and allows the conduit box to be located directly on top of the unit for consistent orientation.
Optional field-installable cover kits readily convert vented units into fully enclosed modules that keep contaminants out and wear particles in for clean, quiet operation.

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