CNC Safety System for OEMs


NUMSafe Flexium+ CNC platform completes functional safety solution at the OEM level by scaling to suit the complexity of the machine control system.

It includes a safety PLC, safety input and output (I/O) modules, digital servo drives with built-in safe motion monitoring facilities, and compatible brushless servo motors. This system-wide architecture enables machine designers to include functional safety features precisely where they are needed, with minimal additional components or wiring. It provides a simple, cost-effective solution for all types of CNC applications – from basic 3-axis machines through to complex automation with 100-plus axes.

Integration can be accomplished implement within a few days – and in some cases even in just a single day.


  • Safety PLC
  • Safety input and output (I/O) modules
  • Digital servo drives with built-in safe motion monitoring facilities
  • Compatible brushless servo motors
  • Complies with the basic safe motion requirements, such as EN ISO 13849-1
  • Two versions of safe motion monitoring module, enabling designers to match their application needs very precisely
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